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2 years ago

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I had a lot in my head last night and pornthunder was headed to a remote location along the A58 towards Irlam, has a nice big layby, truck parking, it is, but so far not been done far was last night is this ! I am a gay man, 28, and not shy about sex, I enjoy it, but I got tired of seeing a very high sex drive you ! S not been a lot of truck for half a dozen well, but I never really pay much attention to the inmates, because they are not reduced to finding a good time! I was walking around, up and down, should, when I think pornthunder that it is looked suspicious just wanted to pass a truck when the occupant opened the door and he looked hard and asked if I wanted a bit! To reject an offer pornthunder I told no one,yes! I got pornthunder into his car, he imagined, like David, who was 35 and married, was a man in man's experience, 69'dy lost two trying to shit when I wud was in good shape for a truck driver who was very slim and attractive It is advised that he was very nervous and want to Snog a type 2 is relaxed pornthunder and kissing in the mood, I love pornthunder it, so we must! We went to pinch and pull each other, kissing him very many languages ​​, which I love, when we were all naked, in2 is the 69 position, which had a beautiful big thick tool, saw the head as if to explode, so shiny and smooth, must have been eight as "long and 5 " around were really into it, if there was a knock at the door, quickly pornthunder withdrew his fighter and opened the curtain on the passenger side, he'd advised to be his companion on the vehicle, I asked two very quiet when I got there he was, the pornthunder window down and asked, "Chris do wots wrong," said Chris, "Who is in his truck ", which Dave replied, "No," replied Chris rules advising employers about people in the cabins, pornthunder and asked Dave to open pornthunder the door, which had at that time I put my boxers back, but when I got to Chrisn was obviously up to WOT! Chris asked me if I was a cock sucker, she advised me that yes, David told Chris when the participation of the fun he had wudn't say pornthunder anything to Chris opened his pants and pulled out his semi erect penis began to leave his pants, sat on the bed, and Chris put his cock in my mouth, two and a cock sucking Chris increse the size of my pornthunder mouth, I knew that pornthunder next to my boxers and always feel my cock hard and sucking on me, as Chris began to take off 2. started 2 suck his dick and I 'd say it was longer and not so thick, Chris would have said was at least 40 years and was in good shape. He joked that he never took place at Dave Hahn, and had he known that it is possible that a lot of fun on every trip that had to have been 2gether. a out of my mouth and said he wanted to suck the cock of Dave, Chris was in bed, on top of Dave leaned his face, and I was between her legs, I continued to suck highs tail, and then moved to his balls as he told Dave Wated to suck Chris' sucked, I licked and sucked the eggs, Chris! Chris then announced that he wanted to fuck total ass, but Dave said he was not enthusiastic about the idea, I said oblidge, I'm in the four before Chris and Dave behind me, I began to suck again David he was very impressed by now curious to see how a drop pre-cum on my tongue, I know that Chris is now my fingers tight ass and told me my ass nice and tight, which was then both hands on cheeks and spread them out and then it was aware of his tongue was starting my tight hole and then I felt the delicious sensation of the tongue sticking out my tight ass ! I still fuck with his tongue licking and sucking Dave pornthunder 's cock and balls and licking my balls Dave advised me that he was cuming, he was splashing my face with his semen, and informed me that Chris was willing to fuck my tight ass, now Dbird cleaning
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